About Us

Everything you need to know about us

Our History

Tucker Pawn and Jewelry was founded on January 1st 1985.

Our Philosophy

Treating all of our customers with dignity and respect.

Our Mission

Maintaining a clean, well organized pawn shop giving our customers a great experience to great loans and better prices.

Our Vision

Pawn Shops have a negative connotation. We want to break that stereotype by giving all of our guests great loans at affordable rates to keep them as our customers.

Why Tucker Pawn and Jewelry?

That’s simple.
As mentioned in our mission and vision statement, we not only want to give quality loans on your items, we want to give you the best price on gently pre-owned products as well. Our motto is quite simple “why pay more?” We have a large selection on all merchandises, from games, tools, electronics, instruments to jewelry; we have it. We also want to give all of our customers a peace of mind by offering a guarantee 30 day money back guarantee on all your purchases.